Tempest 1

I think this is a wonderful production. I’ve never understood why the Tempest was supposed to be such a great play before, Prospero seemed petulant with serious anger-management problems, the romantic leads dull and the magical element somewhat twee.

Well not here. Miles Anderson was clearly put on earth to play Prospero, his humanity and lightening changes of mood making perfect sense, Winslow Corbett and Kevin Daniels are enchanting in their beauty and innocent directness, and the magic, headed by the graceful shape of Ben Diskant as Ariel is truly – well, magical.

I approached the design quite openly, almost the only things I had drawn in any detail were the goddess puppets, and Ariel as-a-Harpy – and the ever-present spirits. [managed to work on the spirit chorus with Adrian when we were bringing the Mozart Trilogy to the boil in Lyon] And Miranda, which got changed immediately I met Winslow.

Everything else grew out of the rehearsal process with input from the actors. Especially Jonno Roberts who is a terrific Caliban, using a hurt, angry, sexy energy that I suspect doesn’t get let out very often.