Staying in Coronado

It seems a bit perverse to start a 2012 Old Globe Blog with only a week to go of my 3 month stay here, but it has taken me till now to recover my wits and some energy after the all consuming vortex that is the technical rehearsal period for the 3 plays of the Festival.
This year I have an apartment in Coronado. It’s a lovely place to be, quiet and convenient, with the bay and the Bridge at the front that I can see from my windows, and the ocean at the back where I can walk as the sun goes down.

The condominiums, [condominia?] are not beautiful from the outside, in fact given the wealth of this little city, it amazes me that the city fathers didn’t insist on buildings more in keeping with the rest of the architecture on the island. But they are very, very well run, lavishly landscaped, with 4 pools, a gym and goodness knows what else.

My sister-in-law, Deb, came to stay for a couple of weeks at the end of May, and there were 2 local excitements, one cosmic in the shape of the solar eclipse, and the other tiny in the shape of 4 eggs laid by the pair of resident house-finches which nest in a phoney tree on the balcony.

We watched the eclipse in great state from the balcony overlooking the beach, [I had purchased goggles for the purpose from the Space museum] Deb managed to take a photo through hers, but then, when we thought the show was over, the ‘marine layer’ covered the sun, acting as a perfect grey filter that allowed us to see everything perfectly without the goggles.

The little house-finches sing most of the time, the eggs, which were at least the 2nd brood of the season have hatched and flown.