Costume Since 1945

Even 15 years ago I wondered how a little book of drawings could find a place among so much photographic material and now the question is even more pertinent. Yet if you are interested in fashion the new blizzards of information can confuse rather than enlighten. Also, by their very nature, fashion blogs are about couture and the high-end of the market, whereas my intention has always been to demonstrate a far wider range of apparel on all sorts and classes of people. I think of Costume Since 1945 as a gateway book which will give you a visual and social introduction of the whole enormous subject.

“A really useful and informative survey of how fashions change – beautifully illustrated by one of our greatest costume designers” – Gregory Doran, Artistic Director at the Royal Shakespeare Company, UK

“Deirdre Clancy has written the essential reference book on fashion and clothing design since WW11. The written text is direct and insightful and her painted illustrations are a master class on how to render fabric and clothing.” – Ralph Funicello, award-winning set designer and Don Powell Chair in Set Design at San Diego State University, USA

“With hundreds of vivid illustrations, this book merits a home on every costume designer’s shelf.” – Tanya Williams Wetenhall, Assistant Professor of Design at the George Washington University, USA

“A beautifully illustrated visual history” – Donatella Barbieri

You can preview the book HERE and you can (pre-) order the book at HERE using the code COSTUME1945 to save money with an exclusive online discount.

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