Amadeus 2

The Amadeus costumes were fun to design – although it is a fantasy memory play, it is about real people in a specific time-frame, so obviously there has to be a high level of period accuracy, but because the 18th century part of the play takes place in what Shaffer describes as a “golden glow” this indicated a palette of pinks and golds that is, I’m pleased to say, very effective.

Also, one seldom gets a chance to do huge corseted frocks with full-on 5′ wide panniers and towering wigs – with 2′ feathers on top just in case they didn’t look big enough.

Nowadays the fashion is to do 18th century plays operas in modern, or at least 20th century dress, lest complex costumes ‘get in the way’. Also they are extremely expensive and difficult to make, requiring a level of knowledge and period expertise on the part of the cutters/drapers that is seldom available. There are few other costume shops that could have managed this little lot as well as the Old Globe has so done.


Comment from ambergoulet
Time June 10, 2011 at 2:04 am

The color palette just sings to me, and then the combination of patterns really holds my interest. I love to see the two costumes in the top photo together. Thanks for sharing these costumes. I hope I’ll get a chance to see the play.

Comment from Maxwell Steer
Time June 14, 2011 at 9:20 am

Fabulous costumes, terrific lighting.