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Autobiography 3. The Royal Court 2

Royal Court 2. D. H. Lawrence. The 1st productions for which I designed the costumes was “A Collier’s Friday Night”, and such was the critical success of this that the following year a trilogy of all 3 of D.H.Lawrence’s mining community plays was produced to universal acclaim. Although written between 1911 and 1913 they had […]

Amadeus 3

Here are a final few photos of Amadeus. I love the smoky candle-lit feel of the lighting, it makes the stage pictures look like Hogarth paintings, I think. Though it must be said that towards the end as the play gets ever darker, more than one candle would make the photography a bit less challenging! […]

Autobiobraphy 2. The Royal Court 1

Chapter 2. The Royal Court Theatre. In 1966 I was given a job at The Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square. It’s strange how doors present themselves. I had just finished a year as the Arts’ Council trainee at Lincoln Rep. That last sentence needs explaining, as there are no longer any such thing as […]

Amadeus 2

The Amadeus costumes were fun to design – although it is a fantasy memory play, it is about real people in a specific time-frame, so obviously there has to be a high level of period accuracy, but because the 18th century part of the play takes place in what Shaffer describes as a “golden glow” […]

Amadeus 1

I was rather dreading the Amadeus Techs, the show is so complicated, and there are so many quick changes, but it’s been OK – so far. “So far” being the end of part 1. Part 2 gets even more complicated. It’s challenging to photograph, but the 18th century candlelit lighting by the brilliant Alan Burret […]

Much Ado 2

Shakespeare’s comics can be very tricky to get right. They were clearly written for a well loved company of actors with their own idiosyncrasies who the audiences found howlingly funny. Well to us they are often not funny at all, but this time we get lucky in the lanky shape of John Cariani as Dogberry, […]

Autobiobraphy 1

After much dithering I am finally embarking on my Autobiography – here is the 1st draft of of some of the opening chapter. Chapter 1. Malvern. I was adopted at the age of 8 weeks by Julie Clancy, who must have been a woman of remarkable courage. For the sad and obvious reason there were […]

Tempest 1

I think this is a wonderful production. I’ve never understood why the Tempest was supposed to be such a great play before, Prospero seemed petulant with serious anger-management problems, the romantic leads dull and the magical element somewhat twee. Well not here. Miles Anderson was clearly put on earth to play Prospero, his humanity and […]

Much Ado 1

This is a lovely production – Ralph Funicello’s handsome black, filigree set and easily the best Beatrice and Benedick I’ve ever seen (Georgia Hatzis and Jonno Roberts. They must get heartily fed up with the prefix “married couple …etc”), but to have a real, passionate relationship at the heart of this play makes the most […]

San Diego 2011

So I am back at The Old Globe designing the 3 plays of the 2011 season with Adrian Noble and Ron Daniels. The plays are The Tempest and Amadeus directed by Adrian and Much Ado About Nothing directed by Ron. Last week we did the technical rehearsals and 1st preview for Much Ado very successfully, […]