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Credits etc from Die Tote Stadt

This is the cast list and credits for the production, and an intro from Giordano, the director of the Jyske Opera. After the successful Danish premiere of Puccini’s La fanciulla del West (August 2009), The Danish National Opera once again presents, in August 2010, a masterpiece from the great opera repertoire that people have not […]

Die Tote Stadt – Act 1.

And here are some pictures mostly from Act 1.

Die Tote Stadt – Mostly Act 2

Here is Act 2, with the traveling circus folk, that I tried to base German cabaret from the 1920s and some Klimt fabrics.

Die Tote Stadt – Act 3

Here are some pics from the production – have to remember to start with the end, as otherwise everything seems back to front on the Blog. I will put up a proper credits list when I get into the theatre, so as to be sure of spelling the names right.

Die Tote Stadt 1 – Aarhus

Here are some photos of the filming of the projections, and of the 1st dress rehearsal which took place before the said projections were done. The very brilliant Wendall Harrington and Ruppert [with 2 ps] Boyle made them. That’s Ruppert with the dancing nuns.

Aarhus 2

The theatre has found me a very nice flat here. It’s further away from the opera-house than last time, 2 kilometers across the middle of Aarhus, an ordinary seeming block from the front, but with an endlessly fascinating view across the harbour. The yacht club has its marina directly in front across a cycle way, […]

Die Tote Stadt

I’ve been in Aarhus [half way up Jutland on the right hand side] for a few weeks now, for the production period of Korngold’s opera “Die Tote Stadt”. The dead city in question is Bruge. I found it really hard to get into, being as it is the Fruedian story of a man’s obsession with […]