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Mad George

I didn’t take any photos at all during the technical rehearsals of George, the readiness of the costumes suffered a bit from being a, the 3rd show, and b, the most decorated. All that gold trim and frogging is immensely fiddly and time-consuming to apply. Endless bodily fluid notes for the poor King’s ‘small clothes’ […]

More Shrew Pics

This is a somewhat random selection, I had trouble up-loading the last entry – and it’s lost in the ether. This includes Petruchio’s wonderful horse – Neither of the horses got the reception I was expecting from the audience last night. Maybe everyone’s got too used to Avatar style computer graphics to appreciate what is […]

Shrew 2 + Dress Rehearsal.

We had a run through with a small invited audience last night which was much enjoyed. I’m very pleased with my stuff, its all been so beautifully made by the costume shop here. You can’t fail to be cheered up by it all. I can just about cope with the [in]famous “submission speech” because Emily […]

The Taming of the Shrew-Tech 1

It was a great relief to leave the gloomy world of Lear with its death,madness and eye-goo, that everyone was quite riotously happy to be in Shrew-land! The tech went at a terrific rate, and we actually got to the 1st scene after the interval by midnight. We are borrowing the Lear storm for the […]