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Lear – 1st dress rehearsal.

I’m very pleased with the way it went from our point of view. The 1st half is easier in some ways because most things are made to measure, and sort of 18th century. Part 2 is trickier – where is this “Beckettland”!? Vaguely early 20th Century crossed with old style Royal Court trampy realism. You […]

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Some pictures didn’t load, I’ll have another go. Jonno Roberts – Edmund, Jay Whittaker – Edgar and Charlie Janasz as the very dysfunctional Gloucesters.

Lear Tech 3 & 4

We finished the tech last night in good time, so we will have a run through tonight, and actually get home an hour early at midnight instead of 1am. I’m beginning to get used to it, but despite looking forward to being at home, I thing the jet-lag is lightly to be fairly grim! I […]

Lear Tech 2

The tech continues on its merry way – a tremendous storm for Lear on the blasted heath, a fine ‘coup de theatre’ for Jay Whittaker as Edgar as Mad Tom. “Poor Tom’s a-cold” he says quite often, and so were the rest of us. 5 hours on the most unforgiving seats in cold so damp […]

Lear Tech 1

It went very well actually, and I am very pleased with the costumes so far, and Ralph’s Autumn leaves look wonderful. Also the photos are better than usual, mostly, I think because of Alan’s very sparing use of follow spots – which are too much for my camera. Lear- Bob Foxworth Goneril – Emily Swallow […]

At the Zoo

Yesterday I went to the San Diego Zoo. I should have taken the advise offered and gone at 9AM as it was very crowded by 11. I only saw about a 1/4 of it – it is huge. – was a bit disappointed at first, as the bird cages seemed awfully small, but it all […]

More Fittings

Some more fittings – we start the Lear tech tomorrow, so will be entering a new way of being here. Because of the light, costume work doesn’t start till 7.30PM and the call finishes at 12.30, and then technical notes! At least I shall be able to call the UK before I go to bed […]

Palm Springs Story

Before Christmas I got an email from someone called Joe Tompkins who lived in Palm Springs explaining that he had found an old sketchbook of mine while tidying out a cupboard in the costume dept at Universal Pictures. The only clue that connected it to me was a note against one sketch which said “Goldie’s […]

A day off

I had a very restful day today, though may go to the Art shop in a bit. There is a small pool at Laurel Park apartments, and a terrific hot spa tub, and today I both swam and poached. Great for aches and pains, since it is kept as hot as a bath! Last night […]