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Don Giovanni in Lyon. 1.

Don Giovanni, which opens tomorrow night is the third of the Mozart Da Ponte operas that I have designed the costumes for here in Lyon. The Director is Adrian Noble, set designer – Tom Pye. It’s been a terrific experience, and indeed it is one of the great joys of working in opera that you […]


Fanciulla del West – The Girl of the Golden West, or in Danish, something that looks oddly like Pig del Vest, is very late Puccini, written in America about Californian gold miners, the ‘girl’ of the title, Minnie, who runs the only bar in the miners’ shanty town, and her relationship with gang boss Dick […]

Belated Fanciulla

Fanciulla del West actually opened in Aarhus on August 16th, which meant that I returned home precisely 10 days before Suzi and John’s wedding. There was no time really for blogging, as I had quite a bit of wedding sewing to do. The wardrobe kindly lent me a machine, and my flat was splendidly light […]