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On Thursday we had a day off so I decided to go on a coach trip to the Niagara falls, thinking I would beunlikely to get another opportunity. John and Mich Gunter (the set designer of Boccanegra and his wife) decided to come too, so we booked on a bus trip from the hotel over […]

last day in Moscow

I didn’t get to do much sightseeing in Moscow, what with one thing and another, too busy – too tired and so forth. But there was a monastery in the next road where the monks restored icons, here is the Church Duster. There were also quite a few people who had come in to pray. […]

1st Night 3

More pictures…

Ist Night 2

These picture were supposed to go with the 1st 1st night post, somehow the window had got hidden behind the main page.. Golfo’s body painting was done quite beautifully in the end by an artist called Helen, everyone wanted their photos taken with him after the show! There is one of me somewhere, but I […]

Ist Night in Moscow

The last few days in Moscow were very difficult. Napoli, with its 240 costumes, would have been a tough show even with efficient stage management, a friendly costume supervisor/ assistant, and being able to get home at weekends. A month away from home is too long for me, and I found out what various chums […]