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Act 3

Act 3 of Napoli is sometimes done on its own, [indeed it is what we did in Prague last year], it is unofficially called “The Joy of Dance” and I must say you would have to be very mean-spirited not to be swept along by it all – it is truly joyous. Despite the noise […]

Act 2

Don’t think I can stay in the flat much longer today, a work party is decorating the hallway and drilling enthusiastically, apparently into my door – the noise is deafening. Here is the the bad water-god being wigged up, with his very engaging daughter in attendance. I got fed up with being told that I […]

Act 1

I haven’t really solved the problems of taking good on-stage pix, even though there is more light than usual for Napoli. Here are 2 for Act 1 – taken from the side of the stage, which is close enough, but hardly the ideal view-point. There are moments when the dancers freeze and hold a pose, […]

Orchestral Dress Rehearsal 1

More Act 3 I asked for absolutely everything to be put on stage after this morning, even it was unfinished so at least we could see where the holes were, as the casting muddles had caused a number of peculiar results. Despite the strange lack of urgency about seeing even quite important costumes on stage, […]

Back in the Studio

The dress parade didn’t help much, it was in the studio and the costumes that were still in the workrooms couldn’t be interupted. I think we discovered where the problems were and worried some more, but that was about it. Photographs will now be more of a problem, as the band is in, the way […]

1/2-Dress Rehearsal

The show is beginning to come together on stage now. I was expecting a full technical piano dress rehearsal with most of the costumes in place, but what with one thing and another, that isn’t quite what happened!It’s actually in fairly good shape despite the seeming chaos. The big problem has been the head of […]

The Trtyakov Gallery

Last Tuesday I went with Mikael Melbye to the Tretyakov gallery, which is simply amazing. Whole schools of Russian painting such as 19th century landscape, portraiture and genre paintings that I hardly knew existed. I particularly liked this little pair of sisters. The other impressive thing is that by lunchtime it was full of families […]

Saturday Afternoon again.

A blog-free few days as to begin with I felt too tired, and then had 3 WiFi free days, O how one misses it! All functioning again now though. I was unable to do any fittings this afternoon because the entire cast + extras and children have been in the rehearsal studio all day, and […]

Saturday Afternoon.

Just 2 fittings yesterday, one for the mother, Veronica which was very good, and the second one for the Flower Seller” who turned out to be the most extraordinary little person, called Viola. She arrived in the fitting room wearing a brilliantly coloured kimono, outsize shower hat, dark glasses and killer heels, no unseemly scrabbling […]


Managed to get in on the metro without getting lost. This is Pushkinskaya Station, where the theatre is.I went to watch the dancers rehearsing, this is Teresina, our heroine with Frank Anderson, the choreographer.Then loads of fittings.The underwater people, naiads and so forth are supposed to look as if they are dressed in seaweed and […]