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Dress Rehearsals

Here are some pictures of the dress rehearsal. They are going very well, I must say I am very impressed by the quality of the making in the wardrobe here. (I hope they will be as good in Moscow). Absolutely everything is made in house, no free-lancers, as there would be in the UK. it […]

Sunday Morning 2

It’s very, very cold here, and I didn’t bring enough warm clothes, so am grateful for the long under-leggings sportif I purchased yesterday [rather expensively.] I don’t know how Czech women find anything interesting to wear, apart from lots of leather. A smallish Marks and Spencer has increased the available fashion-wear by about 70%, which […]

Sunday Morning

Yesterday evening Mikael and I went to see La Clemenza di Tito at the Estates Theatre. The opera was premiered at this very theatre in 1791 with Mozart himself conducting from the piano, [though mightn’t they mean harpsichord?]. How’s that for history? It was terrific, we never saw the chorus, who were squashed out of […]

Ballet Design

If you want to destabilize any self-satisfaction you might have about your body image try working with dancers! It’s not just that they are tiny, which they are, but their fitness and grace makes them seem to belong to an entirely different species. I feel like a Labrador among Italian whippets! There’s no point in […]

Napoli in Prague

I arrived in Prague for the final production week with dress rehearsals, and on February 21st, the 1st night. Therefore this blog will have quite a number of flashbacks.We had the first dress rehearsal yesterday. The event is billed as “A Bournonville Evening” and consists of his two best known ballets, “La Sylphide” and Act […]